It is hard to show a portfolio of the work I have done since most of it is confidential, however I can share the stories.

I have participated in a number of European and Dutch national projects as one of the technical sources of expertise. My usual role in those projects is to make the technical part of the projects a reality. I did this by taking existing knowledge or by researching for new methods for the development of innovative services to meet the requirements and expectations generated in those projects.

I do have open source projects where I can show code and results. Hence I encourage you to have a look at them at my GitHub page: https://github.com/SanPen


Analytics and Forecast

  • Developed an ancillary services price forecasting system using machine learning and optimization to provide the best operational schedule for power plants.
  • Developed systems for prices arbitrage.
  • Price, generation and load forecast.
  • Machine learning based systems (outliers detection, Optical recognition, forecast, etc.)


EU funded projects

  • Database to handle the vehicle battery exchange. (EasyBat) This was done while I was still as an intern.
  • Development of PLATOS (The grid optimization software) as a new, built from scratch, user friendly and professional software piece to fulfil the company tasks of the NEMO project.
  • I have briefly participated in other projects as requirements responsible for my company at the time (E+,VIMSEN)


  • Software for the reliability evaluation of electrical grids with storage devices and decentralized generation in general.
  • Development of a short term solar forecast methodology which is still in testing phase. The method is based on motion vectors, fluid mechanics and Bayesian state estimation.
  • Developed a library for stochastic collocation, which is a method to reduce the number of evaluations of the Monte Carlo simulations. This work has been done in collaboration with CWI (Center for mathematics and computer science in Amsterdam).
  • Development of a framework of co-simulation of electrical tools and models. This particular development aims to become the company standard in modelling, although there is a lot of work to do, mainly regarding its adoption.
  • Developed a software to asses the optimal storage technology and capacity to satisfy grid connection requirements at the lowest cost.
  • Grid calculations as REST interfaces.


  • Participated in the design and programming of a system for testing smart meters in the UK (Using python, Jira and C#).
  • Have participated in the evaluation and implementation of SCADA systems.
  • Have participated in several tendering processes (World bank, EU H2020, National funding, etc.)
  • Have participated in a project to asses the reliability improvement of utilities in Chile.
  • Have participated in the compliance with grid code requirements.
  • DataHub assessment.
  • Design of ancillary services.
  • Modernization of in-house processes through digitalization program.
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